Nepal's domestic airlines network includes some of the most remote and spectacular airstrips in the world. The approaches to these airstrips are difficult. Many are on mountain sides surrounded by high peaks. Therefore, if there are clouds or high winds, the pilot cannot land. The classic remark by one captain explains the picture perfectly: We don't fly through clouds because in Nepal the clouds have rocks in them'. Domestic service in Nepal is famous for delayed or cancel due to weather or technical problem however since regulation of the domestic airline business there are number of private companies operating flights who provide better service and are far more reliable then government owned Royal Nepal Airlines. Some of airstrips; Lukla gate of Mt. Everest Region, Jomsom Airstrip, gate way of Mustang, Dolpa Dunai, Manang, Taplejung, Simikot, Phaplu are the most remote Airstrip in Nepal, Perhaps the world's.During summer, from June to till mid September, airlines do not operate flight due to heavy monsoon rain and clouds. From mid September monsoon stop, weather changes and become clear, main trekking season begins a lot of individual trekkers and organized groups fly to those airstrips for trekking. If you are considered to book yours flight upon arrival in Kathmandu, you loose couple of days  waiting for flight Ticket

 There are several private airline company operates flight. COSMIC AIR, BUDDHA AIR, YETI AIRLINES, GORKHA AIRLINES, SITA AIR, ROYA NEPAL AIRLINE operates the flights stated in the below tables destination. All the flights operate those remote airstrips LUKLA, JOMSOM, TAPLEJUNG, DOLPA, between 6 to 9 am daily. If you would like to fly those destination on yours willing date, we can assist you advance issuing Ticket & flight reservation . Payment can be made by VISA CARD/MASTERCARD or could be transfer to the Explore Tibet & Nepal trekking Pvt.Ltd Account Collect yours ticket upon arrival, or if you provided us yours Hotel address, we will bring to yours hotel. If you required pick up service we will be happy to do so.

Below in the table, you can find the entire details of domestic networking flight with Prices. The price is fixed there is applicable each way
Which destination you want to fly, on what dates and time by which airline please let us know. With in Nepal territory you can fly with following Airline BUDDHA AIR, COSMIC AIR, SITA AIR, GORKHA AIRLINE, YETI AIRLINE, ROYAL NEPAL AIRLINE.

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