Trekking in Bhutan allows the traveler to get off the beaten track and on to the wondrous Bhutanese mountain and landscapes. About  80% to 85% of the landscape in Bhutan is covered by forests as we lead you  to complete wilderness were you come  across various vegetation zones. Our Most of the trekking routes are run through the protected areas you may see wildlife in natural habitat. Our treks ranges from short soothing walks through terraced fields and idyllic hamlets to some of the most arduous high altitude treks. Our low  altitude treks run up to 3500m more or less and high altitude treks like six-day Druk path trek up to 5500m and cross coniferous forest abloom with rhododendron flowers and shimmering lakes and snowman alpine treks more than 6000m.
Trekking in Bhutan is being arranged as camping trip as there are no hotels and lodges along the trails. Trekking camp is designated places where there will be water supply to cook meals and drink to feed your ponies. The company trekking crew trek with you to sets up camp and carry your  back  pack  necessary camping equipment during your Bhutan trek.
 Bhutan Culture Tour
Bhutan Cultural Tour are designed to bring customers unspoiled land that is home  to vibrant Buddhist way of life and sprit to Shambala or paradise as an earth bound kingdom can be. The  popular  Bhutan tours cover the valley of Thimpu, Paro, Punakha, Wangduephodrang, Gangtey, Phobjikha, Trongsa, Bhumthang, and Trashigang. In this townships you could really discovered the spirit  of the Bhutanese as well as visit numerous sacred sites, Dzongs,temple,landmarks,Monasteries,Market,Farmhouses,school and museums. All the tour itinerary are flexible and easily tailored to enjoyed.
Our customer have an option of staying in either our range of selected government approved tourist class hotels and lodges or upgrade  to superior Deluxe hotels and resort. Further upgrade options including specialized transport can be utilized as part of our range of luxury tours. To enhance your Bhutan cultural tour why not consider a specialized activity including cycling, photography, camping and walking trips. 

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